About Us

In 1993, five environmental engineers founded ECCO Waste Systems Ltd. and built the 24th Street SE Calgary landfill. The site includes a liner to protect groundwater and wastes are covered periodically to avoid nuisances. Alberta Environment approved the site and continues to monitor the facility and operations. This site handles only non-hazardous dry waste from manufacturing, demolition and construction sources.

ECCO Recycling grew out of ECCO Waste with the construction onsite of a Materials Recycling Facility, which opened in 2012. Ecco Recycling has developed several products and services from a range of source materials, including recycling shingles into asphalt, wood materials into mulch and animal bedding, and pavement into aggregate. Throughout its business activities, ECCO Recycling's overarching goal is to protect the environment by diverting waste and converting it into re-usable commercial and industrial products.