About our Recycling Facility

Reduction of disposal to landfill will extend the life of the existing ECCO site and potentially allow for the mining of previously closed landfills in the area. In addition, the City of Calgary has indicated their intention to decrease the amount of waste disposed to landfills through more stringent regulations and introduction of new financial incentives to encourage recycling with the intention of recycling 80% of the city’s waste by the year 2020. The facility will provide an economical means of helping to achieve this goal.

For haulers, bringing our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) online will make depositing waste at the ECCO site simpler and faster than current operations and competing sites. Most loads will simply be deposited on the indoor concrete tipping floor, located adjacent to the scalehouse, thus avoiding the trip to the landfill face and exposure to difficult weather and site conditions that sometimes prevail. A new scalehouse has also been constructed to help haulers get in and out more quickly. It has an automated scale, allowing extended operating hours and quicker processing for ECCO’s larger clients, and a new manual scale that provides faster scaling times for everyone else. It is expected that the shortened weighing time, and tipping on the controlled indoor tipping floor, will reduce customer turnaround time by 50%.

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