How it all works

After weigh-in, trucks will enter the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) through a high-speed overhead door at the south end of the facility and, following tipping, exit through a second adjacent overhead door, returning to the scale if necessary for tare out, or exiting the site if a tare has already been registered.

On the tipping floor, a rubber-tired loader will push discharged loads to the north end of the building where skid steer loaders will provide a preliminary presort, before the material is charged into a large slow speed shredder. This shredder will process the material to 18-inch lengths, or less, for easy handling. A vibratory 2-inch screen will remove small, heavy fines. These fines will be conveyed outside, passing under a cross-belt magnet to remove ferrous metals. Coarser material will proceed to a novel air classifier, which will separate wastes into three streams:

1. heavy materials, such as rocks, steel, etc. will be discharged outside, passing under another cross- belt magnet for ferrous metal removal;
2. light materials (paper, cardboard and film plastic) will be segregated and baled; and,
3. “middles”, comprising wood, non-ferrous metals, heavy plastics, carpet, and other similar 
materials, will be sorted by hand prior to processing.

Clean wood from the picking line will be directed to a high-speed grinder to provide feedstock for processing into colored landscape mulch, a feedstock for roofing material manufacture, use as fuel for the facility’s boiler and use as animal bedding or, environmental remediation.

Residuals from the middles picking line will be conveyed into a secondary shredder to create either ADC (alternate daily cover) for sanitary landfill use, or PEF (process engineered fuel) for use in biomass energy facilities.

Sorted and baled salvaged material will be marketed for reuse, or plastics, paper and asphalt may be incorporated into the PEF product to increase the energy value of the fuel. Salvaged metals will be sold for recycling, and the heavy material — separated at the beginning of the process line — will be suitable for aggregate used in road building.

In summary, the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) is a highly mechanized, system, to facilitate recycling and reuse of the stream of discarded material from C&D sources, and from industrial sources of used wood, packaging and non- hazardous processing materials. Completion of MRF will complement the City’s initiatives to reduce the disposal of reusable materials to landfill. And, it will reduce the time trucks spend tipping, rather than on their collection routes, for the benefit of ECCO’s customers.

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