Time is money. At ECCO Recycling, we help you save time, money, and the environment in these ways.

Cheapest rates in town.
• At $60/tonne for clean loads of shingles, you save up to $70/tonne compared to city landfills.

Best Hours and Locations in Calgary.
• You don't have to worry about rushing to the dump by the end of the business day.
• ECCO Recycling has locations in the North and South.

Save the environment too.
• By using ECCO Recycling instead of taking your load to a landfill, you are saving the environment as well as time and money.

Our Customer Service.
• Our goal is to provide you with the fastest, cheapest, and best service option to meet your needs. With friendly on-site service, we are here to provide a stress-free experience every time you drive onto the scale.