What are ECCO Chips?

ECCO Chips™ are a 100% recycled product.

It is a ground mulch product produced from dimensioned lumber, including used pallets and other untreated wood.

Chip size varies from 3/4 inch to 3 inch lengths. These particle sizes are more resistant to wind scatter than bark or sawdust product.

Dyes used as colorants are derived from naturally occurring vegetable and mineral materials. The resultant colored chip product is nontoxic to plants and animals.

Product contains less than 1% bark and 4% fines. No sawdust is added to the mulch product.

Plywood, particle boards, MDF and OSB products are excluded from the feedstock used to make ECCO Chips&trade.

CCA treated wood is not accepted on site and is excluded from the raw material used to manufacture the chips.

Both coloured and natural products are very durable and exhibit very slow decomposition characteristics when applied as groundcover before new material needs to be added.

The ECCO Chips&trade will typically maintain its base colour for a minimum of 3 years.

For Bulk or Commercial Needs Please contact:

Beverly Harvey
Account Manager
ECCO Recycling and Energy Corporation
10114 24 Street SE, Calgary AB T2C 3X7
Cell: 403.312.8409
E-mail: s...@eccorecycling.com