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ECCO recommends a depth of 3 - 4 inches (8 - 10cm).


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    ECCO Chips in Landscaping
    Black ECCO Chips

    Why Use ECCO Chips?

    ECCO CHIPS are an environmentally friendly, long-lasting landscaping product, perfect for enhancing the appearance of your home and yard, while also being gentler on yard equipment, such as lawn mowers, than gravel or landscaping rock.
    Young Child with ECCO Chips

    Safe & Long Lasting

    ECCO CHIPS are made with non-toxic, all-natural vegetable and/or mineral dyes making our product safe for children and pets. In addition, our environmentally friendly landscaping mulch provide much needed insulation for plant roots by controlling soil temperature.
    Red ECCO Chips on Landscaping

    Stop Weeding!

    Using ECCO CHIPS in your next project will not only look great, but will provide maximum protection against weed growth when applied at a thickness of 8 – 10 centimeters. Stop weeding and start enjoying your yard!